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Circa 2020


Circa 2020: Inspirational Stories from Covid-19. Part 1 July 5, 2020.  So far, Covid-19 has impacted 11.32 million people in the world with 531729 deaths. Families lost their elders with absolutely no warning. The generational wisdom is lost so quickly. Covid-19 did not see age, gender, race, religion, color, caste, creed, language, or borders before striking.  Like the proverbial B.C and A.C (before and after Christ), next few months will say B.C and A.C (Before and after Coronavirus). There is a humorous anecdote saying that 1919 and 2020 had virus attacks - both have repeating first two numerals. Every individual got to learn few lessons for their rest of the life. There are more lessons that can be learnt from others as well. The book is a consolidation of such news and events that other people in the world have gone through.   The idea is to get a different perspective to our lives.

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Narrator: Matt Ravikumar
Length: 1 hr and 7 mins
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