Cover art for Couple Skills: 25 Skills to Build Deeper Connections for Couples with Questions on How to Enhance Intimacy in Their Relationships

Couple Skills: 25 Skills to Build Deeper Connections for Couples with Questions on How to Enhance Intimacy in Their Relationships


If you want to improve your relationship in a stable and effective way, avoiding situations of chaos and conflict, lack of trust, jealousy, boredom, and second thoughts, then keep reading. No relationship is ever completely free of problems. Life happens and it can bring all sorts of chaos your way. The days can be full of arguments and quarrels, and it may seem that your partner does everything to make things worse. Every little misunderstanding can become a pretext to quarrel, and intimacy seems to have vanished. Or maybe you're starting a new relationship and you want everything to go smoothly from the beginning. You want to know yourself better and establish a deep connection right away, and avoid being found bored, tired, and doubtful by those close to you. With Couple Skills You Can: Learn more about your partner and their relationship expectations. Discover how the past can dictate handling the present and future. Learn how to create a great relationship no matter how bad past ones have been. Learn ways to communicate that go deeper than words. Couple Skills will teach you the secrets of creating a strong, loving, committed relationship through communication skills that every long-standing marriage has learned over time. You’ll get all the tips and step-by-step instruction needed to see nearly immediate improvements in communicating the needs and desires of you and your partner. You’ll also enjoy a multitude of ideas for ways to connect, reconnect, and stay connected on a level you’ve never experienced previously. Explore everything from emotions to the deeper meanings of partner appreciation. No stone is left unturned in bringing you the most relevant ways to improve day-to-day communications and methods to get your relationship goals back on the same page. Get this book and: Discover why seemingly good relationships end up in conflict. Learn the most effective ways to stop conflict right away. Find out how to tap into the wisdom of long-standing relationships and develop the skills you need to live happy and harmonious lives. Discover tons of ways to keep your relationship fresh and fun. Learn new ways of making your partner feel valued and appreciated. Find out how to avoid the no-no’s that can kill a relationship. Get the best trust-building tips available that work! Discover how to safeguard your relationship from problems by setting the right foundation. Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button and get ready to take your relationship to a higher level of compatibility than ever before. Your relationship deserves every chance to succeed, and this book can get you there!

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Narrator: Bobby Pierce
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