Cover art for Fall in Love Again

Fall in Love Again


Everybody knows you don’t marry the rebound guy.  And yet, that’s exactly what Charlie does. But once the husband is out of the picture - kinda - she’s ready to leap forward with her life. She returns to the neighborhood she left, the business she missed, and into arm’s reach of Nixon - the reason she needed a rebound guy in the first place.  Other than rebuilding her life, Charlie has one main goal now that she’s back in the place she considers home: Stay as far away from Nixon as she can. But their long history, his magnetic charm, and a certain sense of unfinished business makes that much, much harder than Charlie thought.  Nixon is willing to own up to his part in their breakup, but for Charlie, finding a place of forgiveness is going to take much more than that. She’s willing to take a chance on friendship - something they’ve had since they were kids - but falling in love again? That’s a whole different story.

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Length: 8 hrs and 1 min
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