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Healing from Infidelity


Has your marriage been influenced by an extramarital affair? Where does infidelity come from? Every type of infidelity derives from a biological and relational need. It can be sexual, emotional and / or physical. However, every kind of difference in the way it must be addressed and complied with. The listening of this audiobook is a valid help to include the dynamics that concern the betrayal and which are the personality traits most predisposed to fail in the agreements. The audiobook provides useful tools to get out of the dark tunnel of betrayal and, also, to consolidate the relationship, through the knowledge of relationship dynamics and guiding people to learn from their mistakes, finding hope and existential motivations. The analysis opens on the theme of effective communication, an indispensable tool for maintaining good ties and relationships. The author helps rlisteners to better analyze and prevent, where possible, reporting dynamics that are harmful to relationships, while providing practical and understandable support. This audiobook is the safeguard that allows you to reach the shore, a little bruised, but safe and sound. Not a psychology essay that analyzes the phenomenon of betrayal with cold detachment, but a sincere friend, who is on your side without ifs and buts, and is as indignant as you are about the injustice you have suffered. You will learn everything including how to heal yourself to how you can help a partner to rebuild a relationship. Here is a sneak peek of what you will take away: You will discover all there is to know about infidelity You will understand what are the causes of infidelity and the dynamics that lead to betrayal How to prevent marital infidelity before and after marriage You will understand if and how to prevent divorce The listening of Healing from Infidelity will allow all those people who want to free themselves from the pain of infidelity to overcome suffering and understand whether to restore their relationship...if you too find yourself in this situation buy this audiobook!

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Narrator: Tailynn
Author: Melody Romig
Length: 3 hrs and 48 mins
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