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How Attracting Women Really Works: 2nd Edition


This is the best audiobook you will ever read on attracting and understanding women. Everything in it works to help you attract them faster and easier. It's written from 100 percent actual experience and I've used this powerful information over and over to easily meet, attract, and date one beautiful woman after another. This will change your dating and personal life and the way you think and operate around women. Your problems with women will begin fading away and everything will turn around for you. Learn what most men don't know and will never learn about attracting women: 10 real attraction destroying mindsets The real reasons you don't need to impress women The real reasons you need to stop caring about how much you like women and how much they like you. How to change your mindset so you're good enough for any woman The truth behind telling women how you "feel" and how it affects attraction How looks and money actually affect attraction and what's more important than those things The right time to get physical The one giant mistake that most men are making Personal magnetism and how it makes attraction 10X easier Women's brain structure vs. men's brain structure and our differences in thoughts, behavior, and habits The 10 - 15 percent difference that actually makes the difference The important mental shift that helps you attract women faster and easier Why her "liking" you and "feeling attraction" are two different things What's happening in her mind when she "likes" you vs. when she's "feeling attraction" How "rejection" and "attraction" power work How to keep the power and keep her feeling constant attraction 10 powerful and attractive mindsets few men know and use How to see yourself as the "prize" and quit putting women on a pedestal 4 things that should always come before women, sex, relationships, and love How to properly handle women getting feisty, bitchy, upset, and bratty And a lot more!

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Narrator: Marc Summers
Author: Marc Summers
Length: 4 hrs and 1 min
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