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James Acaster

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Joining us at Audible Studios is James Acaster, one of the UK's finest stand-up comedians, who has his own Netflix special, a podcast with Ed Gamble and a TV show with Josh Widdicombe. Acaster has written and recently released his second book, Perfect Sound Whatever.  In some ways, the book begins in January 2017. James Acaster wakes hung-over and alone in New York, his girlfriend having just left him. Thinking this is his rock bottom, little does James know that by the end of the year he will have befouled himself in a Los Angeles steakhouse and disrespected a pensioner on television. Luckily, there is one thing he can rely on for comfort - music.  In true Acaster fashion, this turns into a mission: to discover as much music as he can released in 2016, the year before everything went wrong (for James, at least). We spoke to James about his iPod guy, whether or not therapy was useful to him and the sheer joy he gets from recommending music. 

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Narrator: James Acaster
Author: Holly Newson
Length: 26 mins
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