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Jazz Improvisation Made Simple


When it comes to learning jazz, many musicians feel overwhelmed. They are told they need to know a ton of music theory, have impeccable technique, mastery of their instrument, and lots of natural talent to succeed as a jazz improviser.  The message of Jazz Improvisation Made Simple is that learning jazz doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and complicated. To get started, you need to know a lot less than you think. Even by learning just one jazz standard, you can unlock a treasure trove of incredible secrets for musical excellence.  Jazz Improvisation Made Simple is not a music method book full of music notations and exercises. It's a self-help style audiobook that dives deeper into things that will actually make a difference in your jazz playing, no matter what instrument you play.  In this book, author, podcaster, and educator Brent Vaartstra reveals his proven processes behind learning jazz and skyrocketing your skills. As the jazz musician behind the internationally renowned jazz education blog and podcast Learn Jazz Standards, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of musicians reach their jazz potential, improve their skills, and accomplish their musical goals.  Sharing lessons from his personal journey and successes of his students along the way, Jazz Improvisation Made Simple serves as a step-by-step guide for accelerating your jazz improvement, shortening the learning curve, and unlocking the musical potential you’ve always had.

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Narrator: Brent Vaartstra
Length: 3 hrs and 3 mins
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