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Just Married!


If a couple that had been married 50 years could tell you one thing, this would be it! Do you want to know the secret to marital bliss?  Is it spending quality time together? Is it communication? Or maybe grand romantic gestures?  The truth of the matter is very simple: a happy marriage hides in the simple, everyday things that you do.  Living with another human being, even if you love them to bits, can put you through the ringer. There will be different personalities, different habits and a ton of stubbornness.  It may be surprising to find out but the reason for recently married couples to argue is quite mundane.  Over the course of the first year of marriage, people argue the most about chores and their living arrangements.  Not about jealousy!  Not about future plans!  Not even about finances!  About who’ll be doing the freaking dishes and who’ll be vacuum-cleaning!  Will you ever allow house maintenance to ruin the best years of your life and the relationship with the person that’s closest to your heart?  Preventing such heartache is really simple.  The initial passion doesn’t take a lot of work to happen. Building a solid relationship for the future, however, will necessitate some compromise and a few healthy habits that both of you can adopt to demonstrate love and appreciation.  According to couples who have been married for decades, the secret is quite simple: communicate and accept your partner for who they are. So, how do you make all of these happen?  In Just Married!, you will discover:  How to end laundry, dirty socks and empty milk jug arguments once and for all  Eight surprising things that happen after the honeymoon period is over and why the fact she isn’t shaving her legs anymore is a good thing  The eight habits that result in life-long marital bliss  Your partner isn’t a mind-reader, ergo you need to keep on talking  It’s also why you need to keep reaffirming your love  When bedroom heat goes down, there are seven things you can do to make sex great again  Simple strategies to romance your partner, even when you have jobs, responsibilities and young kids  Powerful signs of a toxic relationship and what to do about those  Why girl or guy talk and badmouthing your spouse are never OK  Are you listening to understand or listening to respond and what’s the difference  Simple, heart-warming things you can do each morning to keep love alive for years to come And much more!  There are dozens of relationship tips and guides out there, most of them based on Cosmo-level clichés.  This book gives you a comprehensive, no-nonsense habit formation guide that refers to real-life situations all married couples will have to face sooner or later. Do you believe that you deserve happiness? Are you married to the love of your life? If you want to make each other happy and emotionally content in the long run, if you want a lover and not a roommate in your life, scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button now.

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Narrator: John Poe
Author: Marvin Mills
Length: 3 hrs and 9 mins
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