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Options Trading Bible: Ultimate Strategies from Beginners to Advanced


You are about to learn how to tap into the massive profit potential that’s in options trading! Imagine being able to make 40-75 percent return on investment from the stock market, forex market, and other financial securities compared to the measly six to eight percent that’s common in these markets without having to spend 10s of thousands of dollars to do that! Imagine being able to make money from the stocks you hold without you having to be paid dividends or selling the stocks. That’s not all; imagine being able to control and profit from a portfolio worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars with an measly commitment of just a few hundred dollars… It sounds too good to be true, but it is indeed all possible through options trading! How is that even possible? And wouldn’t that be too complicated to achieve? Options trading was a preserve of professional traders in the past. They kept their secrets close to them but now, the veil has been lifted; ordinary people like you and me are trading options to make a full time living! Are you looking to cash in on the trend in options trading to add a new revenue stream while keeping your exposure to risks low?  And are you concerned that you may not be fully knowledgeable on how to read chats, analyze investments and apply different strategies used in options trading?  Do you have any other concerns that might be holding you back from jumping head first into the world of options trading? If these questions describe you, keep reading; this 3-in-1 bundle is specially made to answer each question you may have regarding options trading to ensure you move from not knowing anything to having expert level knowledge to trade in options. It is the most comprehensive options trading blueprint out there covering everything from beginner to expert, including: The basics of options trading to ensure you start on a good footing if you are a complete beginner while ensuring you keep the likelihood of making losses minimal How it is wildly possible to control stocks and currencies at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise pay to buy them and how to make the most out of that The different ways through which you can make money in options trading Mental transformation that you should make if you really want to trade options for profitably for the long haul The language of options traders that will ensure you talk like your new “kins” in options trading Five false ideas that you may be having about options trading that have been making you not to take action How to make crazy cash holding stocks and it is not about receiving dividends or selling your stocks! How to ride the market like a cowboy in a rodeo by straddling the market Strategies, tricks and tools that top options traders have been using that put them ahead of the masses How to make the most of market volatility and market downturns to make crazy Please note: The audio refers to a chart, but the publisher has not made any additional materials available.

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