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Brilliant, handsome, and wealthy Benjy Tafeen thinks he is smarter than most. He believes one woman can never complete him. It would take two of them to satisfy his need for perfection. There is only one perfect woman, Arjana, whom he received from his father on his 13th birthday. The beautiful family maid from Africa transformed him from a boy to a man, but the damage done to him created many problems later. He could never love another woman because he believed Arjana to be the only "perfect" one. When he is attracted to Lila, he realizes she can never complete him. Then, he meets the lovely Miriam. Maybe, if he can devise a plan so they can live together as one, he can, at last, find the perfect love. What these exceptional students discover, as they begin life at the University of Florida, is there is no escaping the proven rules of life. Benjy, Miriam, and Lila create devastation that they can't repair. Living with the consequences of bad choices is their fate. Yes, Aids, betrayal, lies, and cheating are only a few of the dilemmas they face due to poor choices and a feeling of entitlement. Even death takes one of them early as the other two are left to deal with her loss.

©2020 Linda Heavner Gerald (P)2020 Linda Heavner Gerald

Narrator: Kimberly Casper
Length: 5 hrs and 21 mins
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