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Relationship Workbook for Couples


You are about to learn how to overcome toxicity in relationships, neutralize any relationship anxiety, increase intimacy, complicity, and couples skills without any therapy by applying 33 proven techniques! The most important ingredients that make a relationship successful and enduring are love, passion, and commitment. However, without the most basic skills, even the most devoted partners can find themselves caught up in a web of arguments, power struggles, disillusionment, and misunderstandings. So, what are the common problems that most people in relationships face and how can you deal with them? What is the importance of a good and healthy relationship? How can you communicate effectively with your partner even in the heat of the moment? If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you, so keep reading! More precisely, you will learn: The secrets to great relationships and how you can use them to improve your relationship The legacy of toxic relationships, including how to know if you’re in a toxic relationship and what to do about it if you are in one Ways to foster communication in your relationship, including the various communication problems couples face Ways how communication can improve your relationships and tips to help you communicate better with your partner Steps to develop self-awareness and why it is essential in a relationship Powerful techniques on how to neutralize anxiety that may be associated with your relationship The causes of most problems and how to deal with them Strategies that will help you to save a failing relationship And much more... Even if you feel your relationship has reached a dead end and the toxicity has gotten into you, this book’s beginner-friendly approach will help you to understand how to deal with it, once and for all, like a champ! Scroll up and click on the "buy now" button to get started!

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Narrator: Breanna Faye
Length: 3 hrs and 32 mins
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