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Riding Solo

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Men don't bring you happiness - you do. And being single is when it happens - learn how! Society and your mother, is always busy telling you that you need to find a good man, “Why can’t you find a good man like Julie did? She got a great guy. You’re not getting any younger you know!”  The truth is that you don’t need to find a good man. Needing to find a guy puts you in a desperate frame of mind.  Being desperate puts you in the wrong mindset for finding a great guy. If and when you do meet a guy, you will cling to him like saran wrap on a leftover pan of lasagna.  You’ll change who you are so you think you’re his perfect woman. When you’re desperate, you drop everything in your life to be available to him when he beckons. This tells him you’re too available and he loses interest. There’s no chase.... You’ll share every detail of your life with him, before the end of the first date, or maybe even before you have a first date. This takes all of the mystery away and leaves him nothing to uncover on his own. Instead, build yourself and he will come! Wanting to find a great guy puts you in the right frame of mind - a confident mindset where you are choosing a great man from the large pool of men. When you choose, you look for a man who complements your assets, has values that line up with yours, and proves himself to be worthy of you. You look for a guy who doesn’t just say the right things, he does the right things. He respects your boundaries and he treats you with respect. When you want, rather than need a man, your rose-colored glasses fall off, and you see the jerks for who they are, and you dump them, if you give them the time of day to begin with. Riding Solo is about shifting your mindset from one of needing a man to wanting a man, but not until you’re ready. This book helps you learn how important it is to embrace being single in preparation for finding that awesome guy! Inside Riding Solo you'll discover: Why being alone is so scary Flawed thinking habits and action steps to fix them How to create your vision and live the part The benefits of shattering your comfort zone When you are truly ready to date Why this is the year of you! He’s out there, and he’s waiting for you, but he wants you to be confident, active, and engaged in your own life. Riding Solo comes with a free workbook full of single steps you can take to advance you toward being that confident, active, and engaged woman! He’s seen all of the clingy females he can handle. He’s as sick of crappy relationships as you are. He is working on bettering himself for you! Now, it’s your turn to do the same!

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Narrator: RJ Walker
Length: 4 hrs and 33 mins
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