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Summary and Analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me


Learn About the Issues Associated with American Race Relations in a Fraction of the Time! It is clear that many of the things the author talks about in this book are things that most black people would be afraid to talk about in America. However, these are issues that all Americans must have an understanding of. There are many other books that talk about what racial relations in America are like today, but they do not reflect on the long history of racial relations in America. The author brings new insight into the way America was built. It is clear that America has tried to rewrite its history so that people are not aware of all the horrible acts that took place. From the time the author was a child, he asked himself many questions and he read many books to find answers to these questions, because the people around him did not seem to have a clear understanding. This is a book that all Americans should listen to. Many white Americans clearly do not want to deal with or face these issues, but this is very necessary in creating a future America that consists of unity and equality. It is important that the author's views on how to make a positive change are understood by American society. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: How Coates educated himself about the real history of America while attending Howard University The reason why Coates believes most black people in America live in fear Learn how Coates teaches his son about the world we live in

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