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The Delicate Science of Making Love

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Learn the daily habits of the most successful modern couples Why is love so elusive? Why can it be there one day and gone the next? Why does everything change for some people as soon as they move in together, get married, or have children? Why do people who seem so right for each other fall out of love without warning? Or is there a warning? Is there a science, an art behind all of this? How do couples that stay madly in love for decades, truly until death does part them, do it?  Figuring this out has been my mission ever since I was a young boy, given that my parents had a very unstable relationship with more yelling than your average death metal concert. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to decipher love just for me but for everyone who wants to make something great of their relationship. For anyone who finds themselves on the brink of the end of a relationship. For people who are struggling in a marriage or a relationship that simply isn’t what it used to be. For everyone who wants to feel genuinely loved by their partner.  It turns out those who make love work have a secret. Many secrets, in fact. They have a set of very specific habits that keep pumping life and love into the relationship.  They know the delicate science of making love. I have been coaching people with relationship and marital troubles for a very long time now, and whenever I explain what you’re about to learn to people who were in trouble in their relationship, it has given them clarity. I will share some of their stories with you as well. Many books have been written about love, and some of them are really good. I am certainly not reinventing the wheel here, but I was always missing the bigger picture - an easy roadmap so to speak. After all, when you’re lost in a maze, only a map can get you out and set you back on course. I can’t wait to share that map with you. Happy listening!

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Narrator: Jerod McBrayer
Author: Brian Nox
Length: 3 hrs and 51 mins
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