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The Glass Castle, a Memoir by Jeannette Walls: Summary & Analysis

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Please note: this is a summary and analysis of The Glass Castle and not the original book. Preview: Jeannette Walls chronicles all the heartbreak, deprivation, humor, and love of her childhood in The Glass Castle, a memoir of growing up dirt-poor on a cross-country odyssey with her charismatic, but alcoholic, father and her codependent mother. Jeannette began thinking of her childhood after spotting her mother, Rose Mary, rummaging through trash in New York City. Her parents were basically living on the street, but offers of help were always rejected. Jeannette went home to her husband's apartment on Park Avenue. She arranged to have lunch with her mom, who advised her to stop feeling guilty, accept her parents as they were, and stop hiding the truth about them. Taking this advice, Jeannette started writing her story. Her first memory went back to a trailer park in Arizona. At the age of three, she spent six weeks in a hospital after her pink tutu caught fire while she was boiling hot dogs with no supervision.... Inside this Instaread summary and analysis of The Glass Castle: Summary of book Introduction to the important people in the book Analysis of the themes and author's style

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