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The Old Money Guide to Marriage


Byron Tully, author of The Old Money Book, reveals the secrets and strategies used by America's upper class that contribute to a vibrant, fulfilling, and enduring married life. From dating around to settling down, everything you need to know and every question you need to ask yourself - and your potential mate - is detailed here. So, if you're really committed to meeting the right person, making your marriage work, and making it last, this is the book for you. Each chapter details how affluent, educated women and men approach dating and commitment. This love manual also provides exercises at the end of each chapter, asking thought-provoking and soul-searching questions that only you and your partner can answer.  For the teenager who just started dating, this is a great gift. They'll gain perspective early about how they should behave and how they should expect to be treated as they begin this journey into the world of relationships. The Old Money Guide to Marriage is also a great gift for the college graduate, especially today. What more important, life-changing decision will they make if not the one about who, how, and when they marry?  For those already in a committed relationship, The Old Money Guide to Marriage will help inform and refine how couples relate to one another and go forward. And if you're already married, here's the chance to deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner. Use this book to enhance the romance and enrich your relationship.  The Old Money Guide to Marriage is a time-tested, invaluable tool for anyone interested in getting it right and making it last.

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Narrator: Moe Egan
Author: Byron Tully
Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
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