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Twin Flame Romance

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You weren't looking for romance, but a person appears in your life and turns your world upside down. Your heart beats uncontrollably, you have a deep sense of home, and you feel as if you could stare into their eyes forever. The person may not even be your type. In fact, you may find that he/she is way older or younger than you. Upon knowing the person, you encounter huge obstacles such as religious, cultural, socioeconomic, or martial status differences. Yet, you both find something magical in this connection. Chances are you've met your twin flame.  Twin flame romance is a crazy ride that can feel like insanity. Most have no idea of the relationship ride they're about to embark upon. Yet, it's one that has been written in their heart even before they were born. Learn about what most twin flame couples encounter in this course of this love connection and the main purpose of the twin flame relationship. But most of all, discover if you are, in fact, a twin flame and learn ways to reach twin flame reunion.

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Length: 4 hrs and 27 mins
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