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Jonathan Shaw's Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist is a surreal, multigenerational roller-coaster ride through the underbelly of modern culture, charting the course of a life measured by extremes and all the people, places, and events that shaped that life into a survivor's tale of epic proportions. In it, Shaw takes the listener deep, not only into the recesses of his extraordinary mind and adventures but also into the strange and magical process of memoir-writing itself. If truth is indeed stranger than fiction, then, as Shaw's friend and literary mentor Charles Bukowski once told him, much of this book would have to be lived before it could be written. In that sense, Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist is much more than a fascinating chronicle of a popular outlaw artist's creative evolution. It is a multicolored, cinematic, modern-day Odyssey, written in blood, ink, and tears - a kaleidoscopic, visionary road map to the journey of the human soul.

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Length: 17 hrs and 27 mins
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