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The Interrogation: The Complete Series 1-5

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Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun star in these 15 hard-hitting crime dramas.

Chalk and cheese coppers Max Matthews and Sean Armitage are from different generations and different worlds, but together they make a remarkable team. In this powerful, unconventional police procedural, we join the detective duo in the interview room as they practise their unique style of interrogation in a bid to extract a confession. 

These 15 dramas all focus on a different suspect, each with their own story and version of events. Among the varied characters we hear from are Rod, a Premier League footballer accused of rape; Jermaine, a ruthless gang leader; Marc, an ex-policeman suspected of domestic violence; and Beverley, who has come into the station to report her elderly father as missing. As the details of their crimes are revealed, we get under their skin and come to understand what motivated them to do what they did.

Compelling and compassionate, these dramas probe some of today’s most troubling moral issues, inviting us to face hard truths but holding out the possibility of redemption. With razor-sharp dialogue and characters that feel entirely authentic, they’ll linger in your mind long after you’ve finished listening.

Series 1

1. Rod

2. Jermaine

3. Sarah 

Series 2

1. Marc

2. Grace

3. Simon 

Series 3

1. Colin

2. Jonny

3. Kellie 

Series 4

1. Tom

2. Riz

3. PC Joanne Laverty

Series 5

1. Beverley

2. Micky

3. Neil 

Cast and credits

DS/DI/DCI Max Matthews…Kenneth Cranham

DC/DS Sean Armitage…Alex Lanipekun

Rod Tyler…Joe Sims

Helen Cottol…Katie Angelou

Mother…Tracy Wiles

Jermaine…Anthony Welsh

Sarah…Claire Louise Cordwell

Danny…Carl Prekopp

Marc Johnson…Ben Crowe

Lisa Johnson…Philippa Stanton

Operator…Hannah Wood

Grace Buffong…Noma Dumezweni

Stephen Buffong…Jerome Holder

Simone Parker…Amaka Okafor

Simon Barnes…Sam Swann

Jason…Michael Shelford

Damien…Will Howard

Wendy Harris…Joanna Brookes

Mr Renshaw/Football fan…Nicholas Murchie

Colin Hamilton…Michael Bertenshaw

Gemma…Amy Metcalf

Jonny Foster…Gawn Grainger

Nancy…Dinah Stabb

Kellie…Cush Jumbo

Alan Parke…Clive Hayward

Tom…Luke Norris

Debbie Ross…Susan Brown

Riz….Nabil Elouahabi

Tara…Joanna Horton

Derek…Chris Pavlo

Reporter…Stephen Critchlow

Jordan…Gershwyn Eustache Jr

Joanne…Sally Orrock

Beverley…Adjoa Andoh

Marcel…Jason Maza

Micky…Danny Webb

Neil…Joseph Millson

Sally…Catriona McFarlane

Sarge…Karen Bartke

Football fan…Finlay Robertson

Written by Roy Williams

Produced and directed by Jessica Dromgoole (series 1 and 2) and Mary Peate (series 3 to 5)

Music composed by David Pickvance

©2018 BBC Worldwide Ltd (P)2018 BBC Worldwide Ltd

Author: Roy Williams
Length: 10 hrs and 51 mins
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Believe Me


A BBC Radio 4 drama by Stephanie Dale, originally broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 10 January 2011.

When art teacher Rachel, walking home festooned with end-of-term gifts from her pupils, bumps into Tyrone on his first day in London it is the beginning of a passionate love affair. Soon it makes sense for Tyrone, now working as a chef in a local up-market cafe, to move into Rachel's flat. But it's not long before there are tiny bits of grit starting to despoil the love oyster. As things get more serious, issues of control, jealousy, trust and violence rise to the surface in this thriller exploring a lesser-known side of domestic abuse. 'Believe Me' stars Naomi Frederick as Rachel and Alex Lanipekun as Tyrone. Also included in the cast are Leah Brotherhead, Sally Orrock, Lloyd Thomas and Sean Baker. Directed by David Hunter.

©2010 Stephanie Dale (P)2011 AudioGO Ltd

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The Interrogation: The Complete Series 6-8


Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun star in these 11 gritty contemporary crime dramas. Idiosyncratic detective duo Max Matthews and Sean Armitage are back for three more series, in which they expertly extract confessions from their suspects during the course of one interview. Their relationship has evolved since they were first paired up, back when Armitage was a rookie constable, but their interrogation technique is as incisive as ever. These 11 compelling dramas all shine the spotlight on a different suspect, each with their own tale to tell - and their own selective version of events. We hear from a wealth of diverse characters including Ross, a young prisoner accused of attacking a fellow inmate; Jack, a respectable writer who has been charged with shoplifting; Dan, whose wife is in hospital after a suicide attempt; and Nadine, a fellow police officer who Sean has known since childhood. As Matthews and Armitage subject them to a grilling, the truth is revealed, in all its messiness and moral complexity. Created by multi-award-winning playwright Roy Williams, The Interrogation's naturalistic dialogue and virtuoso real-time scenes make it a police procedural like no other, and one that grips from start to finish. Cast and credits    DCI Max Matthews - Kenneth Cranham DS Sean Armitage - Alex Lanipekun Harry - Rupert Holliday Evans Ross - Billy Seymour Julie - Georgie Glen Jack - Michael Shaeffer PC Kerry - Kerry Gooderson Heather - Jo Martin Clare - Claire Rushbrook Dan - Navin Chowdhry Nadine - Bianca Stephens Evie - Marcia Warren Ronald - Sean Baker PC Jones - Helen Clapp Billy - Daniel Kendrick Officer/Nathan- Joseph Ayre Trevor - David Hounslow Carly - Lizzy Watts   Written by Roy Williams Directed by Mary Peate Produced by Jessica Dromgoole Music composed by David Pickvance First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in June 2018 (Series 6), July/August 2019 (Series 7) and September/October (Series 8) Episode guide Series 6 1. Ross 2. Jack 3. Heather Series 7 1. Dan 2. Nadine 3. Evie 4. Billy 5. Carly Series 8 1. Sandra 2. Stephen 3. Tanya and Natalie

©2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

Author: Roy Williams
Length: 7 hrs and 56 mins
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