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Buddhism has been in the minds, hearts, and lives of men and women since the first historically recorded Buddha reincarnated in ancient India. The person we know today as the Buddha, who is also known as Shakyamuni and Gautama, has been revered and honored for over 2500 years. His profound teachings have given hope and meaning to the lives of countless millions of people right up till the present day. But, just like us, he was just another fragile human being, filled with hopes, dreams, fears and concerns for the people around him and for the environment. We are not told who his spiritual teachers were, but like us today, he must have searched for the wisdom that he needed to attempt to explain his purpose in life and his place in the vast universe. Many of the quotes you will find on these pages are from the mouth of Shakyamuni. Teachings in those ancient times where almost always oral and passed on from student to student and hence generation to generation. You will also find the comforting words of modern Buddhas such as Nichiren as well as modern wisdom from today’s great Buddhist teachers.

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