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The Second Ammendment


Gain perspective on the Second Amendment controversy! Today, we must arm ourselves with knowledge like never before. We must revisit historical accounts of governments turning tyrannical against citizens throughout history and the conversation the founding fathers of America engaged in. We must evaluate the vulnerability American citizens will be subjected to if the second amendment was compromised.  Inside this informative book, you’ll discover: Why a militia is necessary to a state The historical accounts of crimes against humanity by the government Potential risk of compromising the Second Amendment Global perspective analysis And much more! You’ll enjoy fun, sharable facts; new perspectives; and rare information you likely missed. Arm yourself with knowledge today! Don’t miss out on this unique book of facts. Get your copy of The Second Amendment: The Risk of Repeal today!  It’s quick and easy to order. Download and listen now.

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Narrator: Andrew Joyce
Category: History, Americas
Length: 1 hr and 35 mins
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