Cover art for Reality Is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis

Reality Is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis

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This audiobook is about hypnosis and how to use it effectively. It will teach you what hypnosis is and how to hypnotize both individuals and groups of people anytime and anywhere you choose. No prior experience of hypnosis is required to understand and apply the knowledge in this book. The techniques are deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful. They are entirely practical and have been road tested over many years, with thousands of people. This seminal book is renowned by hypnotists around the world, whether they are hobbyists or professionals. The author is a vastly experienced hypnotist, hypnotherapist, and trainer. Hearing him narrate his own work really brings the techniques to life. You get to hear the nuances of pace, tone, and attitude that will improve your delivery. Originally written in 2007, this is the updated edition from 2016. Each section of the book has been revisited; scripting improved and new material added. The techniques in this book are simple, direct, and can be learned without any prior knowledge of hypnosis. They can be applied effectively in a real-world setting, well out of the comfort zone of the therapy room and without the luxury of a stage full of expectant subjects. They are entirely impromptu.

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Narrator: Anthony Jacquin
Length: 5 hrs and 8 mins
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