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Northern Lights, Southern Stars

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Her heart might be broken, but her spirit won’t be crushed. As the dark-skinned princess from the Southern Colonies - formerly the kingdom of Marula - Ebony is no stranger to hardship and ridicule. Forced into royal servitude after the death of her father, Ebony resolved to keep her head held high despite her sorrow - no matter how much vitriol she endured from her stepmother, Varyes, queen of Pommier. And when the queen’s son, Prince Rion, helps to piece her broken heart back together with his love and kindness, Ebony begins to hope she will one day find a new home for herself. But when Queen Varyes loses the Southern Colonies to its warring neighbors, she strikes out for vengeance - and Ebony is her first target. Can Ebony survive the wrath and cunning of her wicked stepmother - even if her survival means giving up her claim on Prince Rion’s heart?

©2019 Christina Johnson (P)2020 C. S. Johnson

Length: 8 hrs and 22 mins
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