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I Am So Grateful


Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur who knows the importance of gratitude?  Perhaps you are already a successful entrepreneur but have a hard time being grateful for all your accomplishments. Are you the entrepreneur who really understands how important it is to train the subconscious and conscious mind into the most empowering mindset to achieve ultimate success? Or, perhaps, you are the individual who has a hard time finding the bigger things to be grateful for and not just the statements that look like, "I'm grateful to have a roof over my head or I'm grateful that I have food on my table." While those are important things to be grateful for, let's go a lot deeper! This book comes to you from a successful entrepreneur who generates six figures a month. Lets face it.... Practicing and having gratitude; this is the power to the genius and is the method behind the magic.  Michele had a strong desire to create a thriving business with passion, morals, integrity, and compassion. She was advised by some of the best teachers and mentors to practice gratitude daily. This is when she started claiming what she wanted as if she already had it by writing statements that started with "I am so grateful for...." or "I am so grateful to have...." ALL the affirmations and statements Michele has claimed to be true became true. They became her reality, and she is living the dream. Literally.  With a strong visualization, play these statements every day on repeat and notice the drastic difference in your life. You will notice how differently you will show up to work, with your peers, with your confidence, and with your courage. Go ahead, listen to this book and be filled with gratitude. Ingrain these affirmations in your subconscious mind and watch your reality shift into the new powerful you! Scroll up and click the "buy" button right now.

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Keep Her Happy


Best romantic ideas to keep the lady happy! Happy lady equals happy life. Never break the bank, get broken up with, or get divorced by simply knowing exactly how to serve your woman. After all, it's worth knowing how to keep her insanely attracted to you!

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Narrator: Ashley Retzlaff
Author: Michele Good
Length: 1 hr and 2 mins
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