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Day in, Day Out


Are you working hard, but continue to feel stuck? Does every day come with more responsibilities that make life feel like a task to be completed rather than enjoyed?  In Day in, Day Out, Nick Dancer invites you to build a life on the timeless principles that have brought out the best in humankind since the beginning. Technology has changed our lives, but nothing has changed about the battle inside of us - we want a great business and life, but have been told we can do it differently. Too many quick fixes, tricks, and hacks have led us down a path of excitement to make long-term lasting changes, but time and time again, they seem to fizzle out.  Sharing stories from his experiences as a husband, dad, and business owner, Nick helps you see that skipping steps has never worked. He’ll help you find your way back to the basics and rediscover that doing the simple things day in and day out put you on the path to greatness in work and life.

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Narrator: Ben Westfall
Length: 4 hrs and 49 mins
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