Cover art for A Day Without Mama

A Day Without Mama


Based on the gut-wrenching true story of the author’s grandfather’s childhood, seven-year-old Thomas is thrown into the darkness of captivity. Although the cascading darkness is intent on breaking his spirit, Thomas’ resourcefulness and faith keep him alive amid the direst of conditions.

In a forest full of enemies, a ray of hope comes from an unexpected, mysterious source. The long, treacherous journey is far from over, but the hope of a new day is on the horizon.

First-time author Beth Dukes gives you a front seat into the mind of Thomas and into Appalachian life in the early 1900s. Your heartstrings will be tugged, and the plot twists and turns will keep you listening as you hope and pray - along with Thomas - for rescue to come.

©2018 Beth Lenor Dukes (P)2018 Beth Lenor Dukes

Length: 6 hrs and 3 mins
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