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Big Hand for the Band


The discovery of forgotten tapes brings back memories of a carefree Belfast before warring factions put an end to peaceful coexistence in that troubled city. The tales, funny and on occasion laugh-out-loud hilarious, reflect a world as seen through the eyes of a pop group performing in Belfast in 1968. The book is constructed skillfully, moving effortlessly from past to present and back again and using the playlist to open the door to memory. Big Hand for the Band is also a social history, seeded with personal experiences that are at times heart-rending but always compelling. The author, Bill Morrison, born in 1942, qualified as an architect and town planner before embarking on a career in public service that included a time in the West Indies and ultimately led to his appointment as city planner for Belfast.

©2015 Bill Morrison (P)2018 Bill Morrison

Narrator: Bill Morrison
Length: 8 hrs and 22 mins
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