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People Buy from People


Connection is a basic human need. To share a part of one’s innermost self with someone else is a critical component in today’s world. Every society has a need and strong desire to connect virtually, vocally, or in person, and that need drives all people to have an innate need to connect more deeply and powerfully with those they love, respect, or need relationally.  People Buy from People weaves stories of the author, his late father, and other powerful examples around the 10 connecting principles of:  Consistency Engagement  Thankfulness Authenticity  Empathy Uniqueness  Meekness Motivation  Observation Memories  These principles can be sharpened and implemented daily by people in all walks of life and careers. Leaders, pastors, salespeople, entrepreneurs, spouses, partners, and families alike can all use these principles for deeper, stronger connection. Reminding ourselves that people “buy” from us in connection and honing the traits we use to complete “transactions” in relationships makes all the difference in a repeatable process with others.  Preconceived thoughts about connection are challenged, and true connecting traits are discussed with actionable concepts. People Buy from People will reshape every connection and show you what it means to be a power connector. In all forms of connecting, the saying rings true: "Never forget, people buy from people.” “People Buy from People gets right down to the essence of how to succeed at connection. The 10 connecting principles are backed by personal stories and experiences that validate them. Brian’s strengths are now your gifts as a reader, as you embrace this book.” (Rein Kansman, author of We Are All Leaders and president of Get Life in Balance) “In today’s hyper-competitive and increasingly virtual world, what can you do to differentiate yourself or your company? Perhaps surprisingly, an old truism is even more relevant now than it was before technology both connected and separated us. People need people. The enduring principles in People Buy from People will help you recapture essential elements of success that may have been lost.” (Bob Sager, founder, Spearpoint Solutions and author of 101 Freaking Brilliant Business Ideas: And Ten Ways You Can Create Your Own)

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Length: 5 hrs and 52 mins
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