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How to Get Over Your Breakup

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Getting through the pain and confusion of a breakup is never easy - recover from the agony fast with easy, practical, and proven steps. Best-selling author Rachel Adamson has a created a simple and easy way to deal with heartbreak. Full of practical advice that gets to work immediately, Adamson has distilled and removed all the nonsense out there and brought you the definitive guide to getting over a broken relationship.  Topics covered include: Breaking up: Get over initial pain fast!  The quick-start guide to recovering fast - what to do   The quick-start guide to recovering fast - what not to do  Real-life breakup case studies  How to handle the different stages of a breakup  Working through all the emotions with proven strategies  Dealing with loneliness  How to cope with being single again Moving on with life  And so much more!  The 2020 updated version is available now. 

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Length: 3 hrs and 12 mins
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Guinea Pig Care Secrets: Kids Guide to a Happy Guinea Pig


What will your guinea pig mean to you? Worried that you won't know how to look after your new pet guinea pig? Look no further! This lovely book will help your learn everything you need to know about looking after your new guinea pig. Making every day a happy and fun day playing with your new best friend. A practical pet guide for guinea pigs - ideal for children and adults. Full of expert advice on how to choose your pet & how best to look after your guinea pig. Your Will Learn In Minutes: How to Choose Your Guinea Pig How to Handle & Groom Your Guinea Pig How to Take Care of Your Guinea Pig When it is Sick How to Play With Your Guinea Pig What to Feed Your Guinea Pig How to Make a Comfortable Home for Your Guinea Pig About the Different Varieties of Guinea Pigs About the Biology of Guinea Pigs The Fact of a Guinea Pigs Life A colorful pet guide that is easier and more fun than to follow than a two-step guide to finding buried treasure.... Start on your fun journey of enjoying your new pet Guinea Pig.

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Author: Holly Lloyd
Length: 25 mins
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