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40 Days to Positive Change


An in-depth audio program for getting the daily support and structure you need to create life-affirming new habits. Have you ever tried to add a positive new habit to your daily life, only to end up falling short? If so, you probably didn't have the structure and support critical for making that new behavior really stick. With 40 Days to Positive Change, Dr. Kelly McGonigal provides just that - the helping hand necessary to create the change you most desire in your life. Whether it's exercising every day, devoting yourself fully to a personal project, or establishing a regular meditation practice, this innovative program will provide the support necessary to instill a positive habit in your life. Drawing upon the latest neuroscientific and behavioral research, 40 Days to Positive Change emphasizes that new habits are built on foundations of intention, gratitude, joy, loving compassion, and interdependence. You'll progress through a cumulative sequence of 10- to 15-minute daily lessons and associated exercises for growing and cementing your new behavior. Part mentor, part professor, and part coach, McGonigal will guide you on an often-difficult path - one that can enrich every single aspect of your life. Highlights  In-depth, practical exploration of the mechanisms of personal change How you can consciously tie new behaviors to specific sensory triggers The positive emotions that fuel permanent change How to navigate the process of deciding on the new habit you want to cultivate How to create an environment supportive of personal change Dozens of practices tailored to successfully instill your new habit

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