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72 Ways to Get Her Back

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This book is guaranteed to help you win her back and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. If you don’t know how to re-spark the attraction she once felt, NOTHING else will work. When learn how to re-spark the attraction, her feelings of “love” and wanting you back are more likely to naturally follow. A big mistake when trying to get her back is failing to notice she’s on edge, freaked out, and experiencing a lot of the same stress, pain, and anxiety from the breakup as you are. Battles are taking place in her mind, she’s fighting with herself about what she wants, she’s wondering if she made the right decision, she’s feeling conflicted, etc. She has a lot going on and the more you “bug her”, seem unstable, and cause her anxiety and stress, the bigger the “space” between you and her becomes and the more time and distance she feels like she needs.  Minimize the risk of ruining your chances of getting her back: Accept where you stand and the status of the relationship  How often to call and text after breaking up Handling the grieving process correctly Respecting her feelings so she feels you understand her How much time and space to give so you don’t seem pushy Weak and unattractive mindsets that ruin your chance of getting her back Handling missing her and feeling sorry for yourself correctly Handling negative emotions about the situation Getting back the power to create attraction with her Being friends with and dating other women Improving yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally and becoming a better person Becoming more mature Improving communication with her What to do if she unexpectedly she contacts you What to apologize for What you should and shouldn’t discuss with her How far to backtrack when “starting over” with her How fast or slow to move forward with her How to show her you've changed Four things to avoid when trying again with her What to say more for her to respect and appreciate you What to do if she’s not ready to work things out And more Get this audioook right now if: You know you deserve another chance, but don’t know where to start  You want her back but afraid of screwing up again You've changed but need some guidance to get her attention and prove it to her You mishandled the breakup and not sure what to do next You know she’s right for you and you need help fixing the relationship  

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Narrator: Marc Summers
Author: Marc Summers
Length: 1 hr and 39 mins
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