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Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More

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Unpretentious, upfront advice for perpetual man-pleasers who want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over but don't know how. Have you ever cried, begged, and bargained for a man to take you back after a breakup? Have you been called the crazy ex? Have you ever had a breakdown after a breakup? If so, Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More is a must-listen to help you through a breakup to get you ready for a future relationship better than you could ever imagine. In this book, you will learn.... How to use the "No Contact Rule" to your advantage. How to recover if you have broken the no contact rule.  Disastrous mistakes to avoid after a breakup to increase your chances of a reunion.  How to regain your dignity if you have slipups. How to make no contact easier.  Why you should never seek closure. Why you must give a man something to miss (and how).  How to build a better life so men will find you attractive.  When is it okay to have sex after a breakup. How to use social media to your advantage. How to handle the no contact rule when you work with an ex-boyfriend. What to do if you're stuck in relationship limbo.  Signs you need to walk away from a relationship. And much more.... In this book, you get candid, straightforward advice and information on how to get the relationship you want, or your ex-boyfriend back - without pursuing or begging. And how to adopt a new mindset that will lead you to bigger, better love.

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Length: 3 hrs and 2 mins
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