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Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy

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This audiobook is for all of you beautiful women who are overwhelmed by a breakup, divorce, or who are in relationship limbo. This is your survival guide, breakup bible, and how to guide that will get through the weeks or months following a breakup with your head held high, pride and dignity intact. Every woman can reverse a breakup. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are if you play your cards right from the beginning and learn how to shift the power back in your favor after a breakup.  Women can learn how to obtain the relationships they want by earning the love and respect from any man they choose and have the time of their lives in the process.  In this audiobook, you'll learn: Why silence is golden...  What a man secretly expects after a breakup... Why a strong woman steals the show...  How to prevent a man from losing interest... Why women lose the battle of the breakup... How to make him miss you... How to handle your emotions... How he broke up and what it says about him... How to handle a breakup through Facebook and Twitter... How to skyrocket your self-confidence... What the biggest attraction killer is... How to be on Mr. Ex’s mind... What you should do to get him back... Fatal mistakes you might be making without knowing it... If you have ever let yourself fall to pieces, cried, begged, or pleaded for a man to take you back after a breakup, or if you have ever sought closure, you have never learned the art or the power of "No Contact". You’ll learn how to keep yourself in check to get your love life back where it needs to be. A must listen for every woman.

©2013 Leslie Braswell (P)2020 Leslie Braswell

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Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More

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Unpretentious, upfront advice for perpetual man-pleasers who want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over but don't know how. Have you ever cried, begged, and bargained for a man to take you back after a breakup? Have you been called the crazy ex? Have you ever had a breakdown after a breakup? If so, Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More is a must-listen to help you through a breakup to get you ready for a future relationship better than you could ever imagine. In this book, you will learn.... How to use the "No Contact Rule" to your advantage. How to recover if you have broken the no contact rule.  Disastrous mistakes to avoid after a breakup to increase your chances of a reunion.  How to regain your dignity if you have slipups. How to make no contact easier.  Why you should never seek closure. Why you must give a man something to miss (and how).  How to build a better life so men will find you attractive.  When is it okay to have sex after a breakup. How to use social media to your advantage. How to handle the no contact rule when you work with an ex-boyfriend. What to do if you're stuck in relationship limbo.  Signs you need to walk away from a relationship. And much more.... In this book, you get candid, straightforward advice and information on how to get the relationship you want, or your ex-boyfriend back - without pursuing or begging. And how to adopt a new mindset that will lead you to bigger, better love.

©2018 Leslie Braswell (P)2020 Leslie Braswell

Length: 3 hrs and 2 mins
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A Good War

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“This is the roadmap out of climate crisis that Canadians have been waiting for.” (Naomi Klein, activist and New York Times best-selling author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine) One of Canada’s top policy analysts provides the first full-scale blueprint for meeting our climate change commitments Contains the results of a national poll on Canadians’ attitudes to the climate crisis Shows that radical transformative climate action can be done, while producing jobs and reducing inequality as we retool how we live and work Deeply researched and targeted specifically to Canada and Canadians while providing a model that other countries could follow Canada needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent to prevent a catastrophic 1.5 degree increase in the earth’s average temperature - assumed by many scientists to be a critical “danger line” for the planet and human life as we know it.  It’s 2020, and Canada is not on track to meet our targets. To do so, we’ll need radical systemic change to how we live and work - and fast. How can we ever achieve this?  Top policy analyst and author Seth Klein reveals we can do it now because we’ve done it before. During the Second World War, Canadian citizens and government remade the economy by retooling factories, transforming their workforce, and making the war effort a common cause for all Canadians to contribute to. Klein demonstrates how wartime thinking and community efforts can be repurposed today for Canada’s own Green New Deal. He shares how we can create jobs and reduce inequality while tackling our climate obligations for a climate neutral - or even climate zero - future. From enlisting broad public support for new economic models, to job creation through investment in green infrastructure, Klein shows us a bold, practical policy plan for Canada’s sustainable future. More than this: A Good War offers a remarkably hopeful message for how we can meet the defining challenge of our lives. COVID-19 has brought a previously unthinkable pace of change to the world - one that demonstrates our ability to adapt rapidly when we’re at risk. Many recent changes are what Klein proposes here. The world can, actually, turn on a dime if necessary. This is the blueprint for how to do it. 

©2020 Seth Klein (P)2020 ECW Press

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How to Be the Girl Who Gets the Guy

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Simple advice to help women who are stuck in relationship limbo or dealing with men who won’t commit. In this audiobook, you’ll listen to how confident, self-made, no BS kind of women handle the dating game and have the time of their life in the process. In this audiobook, you’ll learn: How to let go of clingy, insecure behavior that sends men looking for an escape route. How to attain the kind of confidence men love. How to be Independent without being masculine. What to do when a man tells you he’s not looking for a serious relationship. When and how to use the “No Contact” rule. Tips to keep you date night ready at all times. Why bending over backward trying to please every man you date never works. Ways to use your femininity to your advantage, even if you’re not the feminine type. How to maintain a little mystery in your life. Why financial independence is key to your happiness. What to do when he pulls. How to handle being stuck in relationship limbo. What to do when a man stops calling. Social media do’s and don’ts. The benefits of dating multiple men. How to stop playing hard to get and start being hard to get. And so much more. If insecurities and self-doubt bring out the worst in you, it is time retrain your way of thinking to attract love into your life. Whether going through a breakup, diving back into the dating pool, stuck in relationship limbo or trying to get your ex back after a break-up, this audiobook is for you. You’ll learn how the most irresistible, confident, self-assured women handle dating with little effort and a lot of class and sass.

©2017 Leslie Braswell (P)2020 Leslie Braswell

Length: 2 hrs and 47 mins
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