Cover art for Callsign: Bishop, Book 1

Callsign: Bishop, Book 1


An Iranian terrorist cell has gotten its hands on weaponized Ergot-B, a compound that causes violent hysteria, madness and death within 24 hours,and plan to unleash the weapon on major cities around the world. Successful deployment would begin a bloodbath, as those exposed would kill everyone they encountered before succumbing to the compound's lethal effects. Erik Somers - Callsign: Bishop - is called in to investigate, but his first discovery shocks him to the core. Dawoud Abbasi, the terrorist leader planning to unleash Ergot-B, is his biological father. Bishop, along with an undercover Delta operator known as Callsign: Joker, race across the unforgiving Iranian desert in search of the Ergot-B. Seeking answers, both professional and personal, Bishop must fight against a private army, Iranian Special Forces and men driven mad by Ergot-B. With the life of his biological mother in the balance, and countless more people in cities around the world, Bishop must call on all his strength to not only survive, but also stop the man revealed as his father - even if he has to kill him. The Callsign Books: Callsign: Bishop is part of a series of Chess Team novellas released in 2011. Each of the audiobooks follows a single member of the team and is titled for them: Callsign: Queen, Callsign: Knight, etc. The novellas are co-authored by Jeremy Robinson and five other fantastic authors. The stories take place after the events of Threshold, the third Jack Sigler thriller, but are designed to introduce listeners to the series. If you haven't listened to the novels, no worries. Enjoy the ride!

©2012 Jeremy Robinson (P)2014 Jeremy Robinson

Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 2 hrs and 38 mins
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