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Casca the Eternal Mercenary

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This is audiobook number one in the Casca Series. When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, the medics were sure he would die. That he didn't was only the first surprise. The second, and bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for 2,000 years, ever since that day on Golgotha when he thrust his lance into the side of the man on the cross. "Soldier, you are content with what you are. Then that you shall remain until we meet again." Thus does Casca's journey begin, a man who cannot die, does not age, and knows no skills but those of battle.

©1979 Barry Sadler (P)2002 Books in Motion

Narrator: Gene Engene
Author: Barry Sadler
Length: 7 hrs and 42 mins
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