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Do you suffer from an abusive or addictive partner? Would you like to start living a happy and independent life? Or maybe, you still have hope to save your relationship but just don’t know the best way to do it?  If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, then keep reading... A happy and fulfilling relationship is one of those things that almost every person dreams about when they are young, especially when those dreams come closer to marriage and having children. Unfortunately, more often than not, the kindness and passion in these relationships don’t last forever. When people get comfortable living with each other, the reality and real personalities kick in - drug and alcohol addictions, behavioral problems, abuse, violence, disrespect, and many other harmful internal properties begin to slowly destroy real feelings and love in the relationship. So what is the best solution? In this audiobook, you will find a lot of those solutions. It is created as a relationship identification guide, so you can detect your exact situation and explore all the possible solutions. This audiobook is packed with years of experience and practice in the psychology and relationship recovery field. Here are just a few things you are going to learn: What is codependency, and why should you avoid it? How to recognize a possibly codependent person? Fix it or get rid of it? (find the best solution to your situation) Can codependency be beneficial? Specific situations are covered in detail What is toxic love, and how to get over it?

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