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Date like a Spartan: Reloaded (Updated & Expanded)

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By popular demand, the audio version of the second part of Men Don’t Love Women like You, updated and expanded. Now that you have awakened the spartan within, pick up where that audiobook left off and learn step by step how to utilize the spartan techniques in your dating life.  Discover: How to Attract & Meet New Candidates  Pre-Date Battle Plan  Date by Date Trigger Questions  Seduction Skills & Flirting Musts  Text Message & Online Dating Blueprint  Testing for Red Flags Early On  Boxes to Check Before You Have Sex  How to Fix Relationship Problems Fast  Feminine Displays of Power  How to Transition from Dating to a Relationship  How to Overcome Shy or Introverted Behavior  Dating During the Pandemic And so much more!  Twenty chapters that will build upon your Spartan teachings, empower you to take control of your dating life, and give real-world examples on how to manifest quick results, true self-confidence, and power of your world.

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Narrator: Patrick Stevens
Author: G.L. Lambert
Length: 11 hrs and 57 mins
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