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She Ain't It - Platinum Edition

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Finally, an audiobook that cuts through all that nice-guy nonsense and tells you the truth about dating in the 21st century and how to sidestep manipulators, gold diggers, petty brats, and messy girls that live for drama and attention.  Real women still want real men! She Ain’t It will go step by step to show you how to expose eye candy with daddy issues and insecurities and attain those ladies who have their sh*t together. How to meet them, how to date them, how to initiate sex, and how to test them throughout the journey so nothing slips by you.  This audiobook is the ultimate guide to dating and maintaining relationships. Any sucker can get girls these days, this is about finding a woman! You can’t afford to keep wasting your time with damaged goods and desperate ring chasers, it’s time to upgrade to the master level of dating and find your game changer.   Ladies, don't feel left out. This could easily be called He Ain’t It because these same lessons apply to women looking to upgrade themselves and attract quality men. Any woman that’s willing to take a hard look at her own life, can easily use the secrets and strategies in this book to Spartan up and turn their lives around as well. Award-winning author G.L. Lambert has proven methods that have already helped countless men and women hit reset and reclaim their lives - now it's your time!

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Narrator: Patrick Stevens
Length: 11 hrs and 58 mins
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