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How to Ask Questions - The Right Way

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Learn how to get the right answers by asking the right questions with this simple guide! Do you have trouble or take a lot of time and effort to communicate and get the information you're interested in from the person you're talking to? Do you often find yourself struggling to make your questions concise and understandable to the person you're communicating with? If you found the above questions intriguing or well-made, learn how to ask similar, or completely new ones with this new, awesome audiobook. How to Ask Questions: The Right Way, The Only 7 Steps You Need to Master Inquiry Communication Skills, Solving Problems, and Getting the Right Answers Today is a guide that will take you on a journey that will benefit your communication and problem-solving skills substantially!  Asking questions, and communicating in general, can sometimes seem very complex and hard to master. However, once you get the ropes of it, it becomes incredibly easy and natural. This audiobook aims to show you that, as well as the way to master the art of asking the right questions at the right time.  Did you know that Pierre-Marc-Gaston, duke of Lévis, once said, "It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers"? And there is, in fact, a lot of truth in that quote. Just remember how many times you've silently (or openly) judged someone for asking "stupid" or "obvious" questions. Or how many times you found someone to be really irritating because he/she can't formulate the questions he/she asks well, so they sound confusing and take a lot of effort and time to even understand, let alone answer. In order to avoid this, you should learn what questions to ask, how to ask them, and when they are the most appropriate.

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Narrator: Lee Goettl
Author: Dean Mack
Length: 1 hr and 6 mins
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