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In the Time of Pandemic


My name is Condescu Lucia, and I am passionate about writing. I have had this passion since I knew myself - I was born with it and I grew up with it. The oldest memories related to this passion are from about 30 years ago. When I was only five years old, I took the pen and for the sake of writing, I started writing, even if I was writing only for myself, because only I understood or pretended to understand.  The first sentence I wrote was imprinted on me, and I will carry it with me all my life. I was in kindergarten, in a village, where I spent my childhood. Regardless of age, I was in kindergarten, in one room all the children, from two years to five years. When the teacher handed us the colored pencils to draw, I went and told her that I wanted to write, to help me write something. The educator believed in me and my desire to write, sat down at the table next to me and asked me what I wanted to write. I told her I wanted to write, "Mom is beautiful," each letter a different color. And so I wrote, and when I got home I gave my mother the paper. She was so happy, she couldn't believe I wrote.  Then I told her that I want to become a teacher, a Romanian language teacher, to write and to cultivate the pleasure of writing for all students.  My mother supported me in everything I wanted to do, and I also became a Romanian language teacher. I promote writing and reading as the most beautiful methods of developing creativity and imagination. When you write, you write with your hands while your brain watches a movie, the movie that you translate into words on paper.  This book presents a real story that happened during the pandemic and highlights the fact that the most beautiful things come when we don't even expect them.  Mary, a divorced young woman who no longer hopes for love, ends up having the most beautiful feelings just at this time when humanity is hard tried.

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Narrator: Kelly Rhodes
Length: 1 hr and 20 mins
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