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Jealousy - How to Overcome Jealousy, Insecurity and Trust Issues

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Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of broken relationships? Do you want to be able to free yourself from the negativity that is seemingly holding you back? I bet you do. It is never easy having to live with negative emotions, and jealousy is one of those feelings that can only eat away at your peace of mind if you let it. There must have been a time when you considered jealousy to be something minor, but the truth is that letting the green-eyed monster run free would take a serious toll on your life and the quality of your relationships. So now that you know what the culprit is, how can you begin to win the battle against it? This book will guide you through the process of defeating jealousy and gaining back your confidence and your life! Overcoming jealousy will help you nip insecurities in the bud and remove your reliance on material things and even other people for your own happiness. You can then begin to build loving and trusting relationships with the people important to you. Here is what this book could teach you: Causes of your jealousy What jealousy says about you Dealing with jealousy from within Making meaningful connections Learning to love yourself Altering your view of reality Nurturing relationships Overcoming your fears And much, much, more.... With all this knowledge in your arsenal, you can surely start living your best life.

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Narrator: Risa Pappas
Author: Sofia Price
Length: 5 hrs and 38 mins
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