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Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting: 2 Books in 1


Would you like to be the perfect parent? Would you like to learn more about positive discipline and positive parenting? Read on... When you become a parent, you become part of a relationship or a process in which there are always two parties involved. We must always take into consideration that both the caregiver and the care receiver are people each with their own experiences, emotions, fears, thoughts, joys, and expectations. Obviously, the parent must be an authoritative guide for their children, but for a healthy and correct parent-child relationship, neither of the two must prevail over the other. In fact, there must be equal space for both the needs of the large and the smallest. In the parent-child relationship, punishments and blackmail do not work because in the long run, the child will start using them against the parent, thereby increasing the feeling of frustration and helplessness in following their parenting role. I will explain to you how to improve the relationship with your children in this collection of two books: Here's what you'll learn from the first book: What drives children to action The secrets of gentle discipline How to understand the child's behavior based on brain and age development How to turn a problem into a learning opportunity Here's what you'll learn from the second book: Basic principles of positive discipline Parents and positive discipline Positive discipline methods and techniques Positive discipline at school and in the workplace Indiscipline in the workplace: causes and preventive measures Tools to get incredible results I will explain to you step by step my bomb-proof methods based on years of research and studies. If you're wondering if this is a book that can help you, know that the answer is yes! It aims to explain these topics to anyone who starts from scratch or anyone who has heard about it and wants to learn more about the positive discipline and discipline parenting. Listening to this book you too can master the art of becoming a perfect parent. It will be worth it for you, and for your children! Change your life and that of your children now! Scroll up this page and click on the "buy now" button.

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Length: 7 hrs and 21 mins
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