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Russell Brand takes a deep, earnest, yet witty dive into the meaning of life, death, and the sacred space in between in this compelling Audible Original. An Aussie woman living alone in a forest, at one with nature and technology. A former addict celebrating an anniversary in recovery with friends - all ex-addicts - at a humble community center in LA. A man, no stranger to personal tragedy, training others to swim in arctic waters. The mortality of a close friend, a beloved pet cat, and - ultimately - ourselves. Russell Brand finds the sacred in all these people, locations, and experiences and advocates for discovering and embracing the sacred that is in all that surrounds us. Not an easy task in a world filled with the distractingly profane and our culture’s high value of emptier qualities, like celebrity and wealth, often at the expense of kindness and connection. Unsparing of himself, and with insights that are sure to resonate with any listener, Revelation sets a context for our need for the sacred - especially now, given current societal fragmentation and the dearth of mitigating social and political ideas. This Audible Original will truly change your perspective and, in the process, your life.

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