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Social Skills for Kids

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Many kid? d?n't kn?w h?w t? make fri?nd?.  They may b? ?h?, bull? other kids, brag, ?r ju?t f??l ?wkw?rd.  As th? parent, you h?v? th? opportunity t? ????h them. If ??u d?, ??u'll b? giving th?m an im??rt?nt skill f?r lif?. You'll b? building character too.  A child that ?lr??d? ????????? solid s??i?l skill? will b? less apt to g?t in tr?ubl? with t???h?r? for in???r??ri?t? b?h?vi?r.  A ??r?nt h?? very little ??ntr?l over this d?v?l??m?nt, but b? preparing a ?hild with a solid foundation ?f b??i? s??i?l skill?, th?? have giv?n th?ir ?hild a mu?h b?tt?r ?h?n?? for ?u?????.  In this book you will find how to develop social skills and techniques for yourself and your kids like: What are social skills and why are they so important?  H?l? kid? understand h?w t? have a c?nv?r??ti?n  H?l? your child l??rn how t? r???ir rift? in r?l?ti?n?hi??  Ti?? t? t???h s??i?l skills t? shy kid?  Ti?? f?r h?ndling bulli?s  Social skills games for friendship  Parenting ti?? f?r r?i?ing y?ur child  How to resolve conflicts and ?r?bl?m? with?ut running to ?n ?dult right ?w??  How to improve social skills of children with special needs  And much more.... Recent r????r?h ?h?w? th?t g??d manners and ???i?l skills predict a ?hild'? futur? ?u????? in th? bu?in??? w?rld! S?, ?n par with l??rning academic ?kill?, teaching ?ur ?hildr?n appropriate, g??d b?h?vi?r will ?r???r? them f?r “success in all areas of life.”

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Narrator: Winona Owen
Length: 3 hrs and 27 mins
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