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The New Dating Playbook

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Seduction is a science. If you can learn, understand and apply the principles of this science, then you can seduce the most beautiful women in the world. Psychologists have spent decades uncovering the dynamics behind human mating. After poring through hundreds of academic journal articles and studies, I've compiled a book that incorporates its valuable principles, so that you can apply them and get women nearly begging to be with you! After all, attraction is not a choice. Once a woman becomes attracted, she can’t help herself. Are you tired of seeing beautiful, exotic women during your daily life and being powerless to do anything about it? Do you want to be physically intimate with them but don’t know where to start? Do you crave intercourse, but your prior attempts in the marketplace have been futile and met with ridicule? Well, these problems are over!  This audiobook provides a highly detailed step-by-step guide from beginning to end to allow you to experience the enjoyment of being with an attractive opposite sex. Again. It is explained step by step, so you have no excuses to not succeed. No excuses! Here's what you'll find in the audiobook: The 12 things that you can do right now to instantly become more attractive to women The 24 steps to take to go from meeting a woman for the first time to having her as your bed mate The 36 common mistakes that men make when interacting with women, especially attractive ones The five bulletproof, word-by-word things you can say to women to instantly start a conversation with a female stranger and have her crave to keep you with her. It’s time to stop allowing the excuse of “I don't know what to do” or “I don't know what to say” to stop you from taking action. With the purchase of and listening to this audiobook, you will know everything that you need to say and do to have more beautiful women in your life, and you will know what to do with them. Instead of spending years in an endless wheel of trial and error, learning lessons the hard way, gain from a decade of experience and thousands of approaches that I have made. I learned the painful way about how to attract the opposite sex. And now, I have taken everything that I have learned and put it into this book. If you are a single man who wants physical intimacy or a beautiful women in your life, it should be a crime to not listen to this book. It is the one stop shop for success with women. You don't need a $5,000 boot camp or $200 per hour absurd consultation fees. This audiobook is the end-all and be-all on how to get a beautiful girlfriend or just someone cute to have intercourse with, whenever you want. Get this audiobook. Apply what it says. Take action. And start seeing results in your life, today. You deserve the information that you need to succeed.

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Narrator: Una McGruber
Length: 10 hrs and 42 mins
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