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Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety in Relationship


If you want to let go of insecurity and accept a loving relationship, even if you've never been able to do it before, then keep reading.... Does he really love me, or does he just pretend? What if I'm doing something wrong? What if I can't find the right person for me? Anxious thoughts and constant worry about plague relationships and threaten to break two people apart before they could even experience the wonder of love. Whether you've struggled with anxiety your entire life or recent events have triggered underlying problems, you don't have to believe that the rest of your life is going to be like this. You should take control back and drive the anxiety out. If you're tired of living in a constant state of panic, sick of evaluating everything your partner is doing to decide if they're going to leave, and exhausted by the burden of carrying a relationship worth the trouble on your shoulders, it's time to put down your fear. You deserve a loving, fulfilling relationship in which anxiety does not play a part. Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety in Relationship aims to address the main issues of anxiety and to provide you with tools that will help you and your partner to build a long-term relationship. What you will learn: Introduction Understanding anxiety How to deal with relationship anxiety Sign of anxiety in relationship Causes of anxiety in relationship How anxiety and panic attacks affects relationships Dating someone with anxiety: what you need to know and do How a fear of abandonment can affect a relationship Ways to prevent your inner critic from wreaking havoc on your relationship How to communicate effectively without letting anxiety speak for you And many more.... Even if you're single, but want to make a meaningful connection in the future without letting fear hold you back, you'll find the trust you need to accept love through practical lessons and activities that can be applied to your everyday life. It's time for you to let go of the feelings that tell you that you're not good enough, the insecurity that prevents you from reaching out, and the uncertainty that causes you to doubt yourself and your partner. It doesn't take a miracle to start life again - just the right direction. That's exactly what this audiobook is here to deliver. Anxiety doesn't need to be the third wheel. You can learn how not only to manage anxiety, but to kick it to the brink for good.

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Narrator: Lauren Gobes
Length: 3 hrs and 34 mins
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