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How Hard Can It Be?

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From the New York Times best-selling author of I Don't Know How She Does It comes an audiobook about starting over and facing life with a sense of humor.  This program is read by acclaimed actor Poppy Miller, who stars as Ginny Weasley in the Broadway production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Allison Pearson's brilliant debut novel, I Don't Know How She Does It, was a New York Times best seller with four million copies sold around the world. Called "the definitive social comedy of working motherhood" (The Washington Post) and "a hysterical look - in both the laughing and crying senses of the world - at the life of Supermom" (The New York Times), I Don't Know How She Does It introduced Kate Reddy, a woman as sharp as she was funny. As Oprah Winfrey put it, Kate's story became "the national anthem for working mothers." Seven years later, Kate Reddy is facing her 50th birthday. Her children have turned into impossible teenagers; her mother and in-laws are in precarious health; and her husband is having a midlife crisis that leaves her desperate to restart her career after years away from the workplace. Once again, Kate is scrambling to keep all the balls in the air in a juggling act that an early review from the UK Express hailed as "sparkling, funny, and poignant...a triumphant return for Pearson." Will Kate reclaim her rightful place at the very hedge fund she founded, or will she strangle in her new “shaping” underwear? Will she rekindle an old flame, or will her house burn to the ground when a rowdy mob shows up for her daughter’s surprise (to her parents) Christmas party? Surely it will all work out in the end. After all, how hard can it be?

©2018 Allison Pearson (P)2018 Macmillan Audio

Narrator: Poppy Miller
Length: 13 hrs and 40 mins
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La nouvelle vie de Kate Reddy

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C'est un régal pour les lecteurs ayant grandi avec Bridget Jones de retrouver le personnage de Kate Reddy, quinze ans après l'énorme succès de Je ne sais pas comment elle fait. Kate Reddy compte les quelques semaines qui la séparent de la cinquantaine avec effroi. Si on ajoute à cette angoisse les hormones qui s'agitent, des ados qui ont besoin d'elle mais qui ne lui adressent pas la parole, des parents qui vieillissent et redeviennent des enfants, un mari qui se cherche et a décidé de s'offrir un break pour se consacrer à la méditation... Kate se trouve prise dans un sandwich qu'elle ne peut même pas avaler à cause des calories ! Tout cela sans compter son retour dans le monde du travail, où la cinquantaine est un tabou... Juste au moment où elle commence à se débrouiller dans son nouveau boulot, son ancien amant, Jack, réapparaît... Les choses se compliquent, et c'est peu dire. Allison Pearson écrit sur le challenge d'être parent à l'ère des réseaux sociaux, sur l'évolution du couple après des années de mariage, sur la difficulté pour une femme de reprendre le travail après une longue pause, sur la lutte permanente pour "rester dans le coup" malgré tout, et sur toutes les questions que se posent les femmes en vieillissant.

©2017/2018 Allison Pearson / Titre original : "How Hard Can It Be?", Éditeur original : HarperCollins / Le cherche midi, pour la traduction française. Traduit par Julie Sibony (P)2019 Lizzie, un département d'Univers

Length: 14 hrs and 49 mins
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I Don't Know How She Does It

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For every woman trying to strike that impossible balance between work and home - and pretending that she has - and for every woman who has wanted to hurl the acquaintance who coos admiringly, "Honestly, I just don't know how you do it," out a window, here's a novel to make you cringe with recognition and laugh out loud. With fierce, unsentimental irony, Allison Pearson's novel brilliantly dramatizes the dilemma of working motherhood at the start of the 21st century. Meet Kate Reddy, hedge-fund manager and mother of two. She can juggle nine different currencies in five different time zones and get herself and two children washed and dressed and out of the house in half an hour. In Kate's life, Everything Goes Perfectly as long as Everything Goes Perfectly. She lies to her own mother about how much time she spends with her kids; practices pelvic floor squeezes in the boardroom; applies tips from Toddler Taming to soothe her irascible boss; uses her cell phone in the office bathroom to procure a hamster for her daughter's birthday ("Any working mother who says she doesn't bribe her kids can add Liar to her résumé"); and cries into the laundry hamper when she misses her children's bedtime. In a novel that is at once uproariously funny and achingly sad, Allison Pearson captures the guilty secret lives of working women - the self-recrimination, the comic deceptions, the giddy exhaustion, the despair - as no other writer has. Kate Reddy's conflict (How are we meant to pass our days? How are we to reconcile the two passions, work and motherhood, that divide our lives?) gets at the private absurdities of working motherhood as only a novel could: with humor, drama, and bracing wisdom.

©2011 Allison Pearson (P)2011 Random House Audio

Length: 11 hrs and 48 mins
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I Think I Love You

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The new novel from the best-selling author of I Don’t Know How She Does It takes us on an unforgettable journey into first love, and—with the emotional intensity and penetrating wit that have made her beloved among readers all over the world—reminds us of how the ardor of our youth can ignite our adult lives. Wales, 1974. Petra and Sharon, two 13-year-old girls, are obsessed with David Cassidy. His fan magazine is their Bible, and some days his letters are the only things that keep them going as they struggle through the humiliating daily rituals of adolescence—confronting their bewildering new bodies, fighting with mothers who don’t understand them at all. Together they tackle the Ultimate David Cassidy Quiz, a contest whose winners will be flown to America to meet Cassidy in person. London, 1998. Petra is pushing forty, on the brink of divorce, and fighting with her own thirteen-year-old daughter when she discovers a dusty letter in her mother’s closet declaring her the winner of the contest she and Sharon had labored over with such hope and determination. More than twenty years later, twenty pounds heavier, bruised by grief and the disappointments of middle age, Petra reunites with Sharon for an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to meet their teen idol at last, and finds her life utterly transformed. Funny, moving, full of beautiful observations about the awakenings of both youth and middle age, Allison Pearson’s long-awaited new novel will speak across generations to mothers and daughters and women of all ages. From the Hardcover edition.

©2011 Allison Pearson (P)2011 Random House

Narrator: Sian Thomas
Length: 12 hrs and 19 mins
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Wenn's weiter nichts ist


Pubertierende Kinder. Demente Schwiegermutter. Ehe in der Krise. Wenn's weiter nichts ist...

Kate Reddy bewegt sich unaufhaltsam auf ihren 50. Geburtstag zu. Dass Frauen in diesem Alter nahezu unsichtbar werden, ist nicht ihre einzige Sorge. Sie plagt sich außerdem mit zwei Teenagern, die ihre Mutter zwar brauchen, aber nicht mit ihr sprechen wollen, mit kränkelnden Schwiegereltern und einer hilfsbedürftigen Mutter. Gleichzeitig sucht Kate wieder den Wiedereinstieg ins Berufsleben, da ihr Mann sich entschlossen hat, dem Hamsterrad ade zu sagen und die Kunst der Achtsamkeit zu erlernen. Als sich dann auch noch eine verflossene Liebe bei Kate meldet, wird es richtig kompliziert.

©2018 Wunderraum Verlag. Übersetzung von Jörn Ingwersen (P)2018 der Hörverlag

Length: 15 hrs and 53 mins
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