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Us Conductors

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Us Conductors is the story of the man who created the most magical musical instrument in the world, the theremin. It's a tale of electricity and espionage, jazz and kung-fu, Harlem and Siberia, and the way even doomed love can keep you alive. Locked in a cabin aboard a ship bearing him back to Russia and away from the love of his life, Lev Sergeyvich Termen begins to type his story: a tale of electricity, romance, and the invention of the world's strangest instrument, the theremin. He recollects his early years as a scientist forging breakthroughs during the Bolshevik Revolution and his decade as a Manhattan celebrity and reluctant Soviet spy. Against the backdrop of Prohibition and the 1929 crash, Termen spends his days in his workshop, devising inventions, and his nights in Harlem clubs, jostling with famous bandleaders and falling in love with the young violinist Clara Reisenberg. When the boat reaches his homeland, Termen finds it is not the Russia he remembers. He is imprisoned in the Gulag system, sent first to a Siberian work camp and then to a secret laboratory. In the face of all this, his love for Clara remains constant, passing through the ether like the theremin's song. Steeped in beauty, wonder, and looping heartbreak, Sean Michaels' debut novel explores the lies we tell, the truths we imagine, and the lengths we go to survive.

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Length: 11 hrs and 21 mins
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The Wife's House


The perfect house or the perfect lie?  The moment my husband showed me Cliffside - a sleek and modern glass home perched on the edge of the jagged Big Sur clifftops - I fell in love. And right there and then I made a pact with myself. I am never leaving this house.  But when my husband was killed on the perilous roads leading up to the house, weeks after we moved in, I had a decision to make - leave the home I love and start a new life or stay and shut myself off from the world? I am never leaving this house.  As I pieced together my shattered life, my mind began to play tricks on me. Footsteps along the beach, leading to my home, then blood-red flowers left on my doorstep with a note that read "Looking at you". So I retreated back to the safety of my glass refuge once again. I am never leaving this house.  But now, as I stare out of the towering windows of my perfect home, I know there is someone out there staring back. I know that they are watching my every move, waiting to make me pay for my past mistakes.  This pulse-racing psychological thriller from USA Today best-selling author Arianne Richmonde will have you hooked. If you are a fan of The Woman in the Window, Gone Girl, and Netflix’s You, you will love The Wife’s House. Prepare to stay up all night! 

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Narrator: Helen Duff
Length: 12 hrs and 25 mins
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The Newlyweds


One marriage. One lie. Two sides to the story. The moment Vivien meets Ashton, she knows she will be his wife and absolutely nothing will stop her. Powerful, rich, and from a good family, Ashton is everything Vivien is not. So, she molds herself into Ashton’s perfect soul mate. Pouring his favorite vintage wine, whispering "I love you" over dinner in front of friends, and biting her tongue when she disagrees with him are simple sacrifices for the perfect marriage she has always craved. When people begin to notice the bruises on her cheek, she holds their stares. There is no cry for help from Vivien. She simply keeps her mouth shut and lets the gossip continue. If you saw Vivien nursing a black eye, you might be forgiven for thinking what everyone else does - that she is the victim in her marriage, but you’d be wrong. Vivien and Ashton’s life together is much more complicated than that. You will never guess the true story behind Vivien’s undying devotion to her husband. Nor could you possibly predict what she does next.... Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, Behind Closed Doors, and The Perfect Couple. If you enjoy twisted psychological thrillers with bags of suspense, then you’ll love The Newlyweds from USA Today best-selling author Arianne Richmonde. 

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Length: 10 hrs and 14 mins
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