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Do you struggle to keep your sanity in your relationship? Is someone you know making you feel less confident about yourself? Does it feel like someone is messing with your emotions to make you think you’re going crazy? Gaslighting is a type of emotional manipulation that happens more frequently than we realize. Emotional abusers can be very sneaky, their tactics may not be very obvious, but the impacts can leave their targets psychologically powerless. If your life feels like a giant haze because you don’t seem to be in control, perhaps someone is tricking you into believing you are inadequate. The process of fooling your mind may be slow, but it has very devastating effects, especially if you are a highly sensitive person. But all hope is not lost! In Gaslighting, you will discover: How to uncover the many tactics gaslighters use to trap their victims. Ways to pinpoint the behaviors that indicate if a narcissist is trying to control you. How to figure out if you are a likely victim and how to protect yourself from the gaslight effect. How you may be manipulating other people, and what to do about it. How to use powerful exercises to help you recover from narcissistic abuse. How to make sure the abuser stays out of your life permanently. How to take your life back. And much more! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve endured an emotionally abusive relationship or how eroded your self-esteem is. This audiobook offers you potent life-changing suggestions that can drastically improve your self-confidence. Start your transformational journey now!

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Narrator: Teresa Garcia
Length: 3 hrs and 1 min
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