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The Story of Lululemon: Little Black Stretchy Pants

254 ratings


The unauthorized story of Lululemon. This is a book about ordinary people who took an opportunity to be creative, to be innovative, and to maximize their potential. Chip Wilson’s part in this story comes from the learning of thousands of mistakes. He set the culture, business model, quality platform, and people development program and then got out of the way. Lululemon’s exponential growth, culture, and brand strength have few peers, and it is because of those employees who choose to be great.  This book is also about missed opportunity - five years of missed opportunity. Chip was playing to win while the directors of the company he founded were playing not to lose.

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Narrator: Chip Wilson
Author: Chip Wilson
Length: 10 hrs and 59 mins
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The Plains of Passage

75 ratings


In The Plains of Passage, orphaned Ayla and wandering Jondalar search for a place on Earth they can call home Ayla and Jondalar set out on horseback across the windswept grasslands of Ice Age Europe. To the hunter gatherers of their world - who have never seen tame animals - Ayla and Jondalar appear enigmatic and frightening. The mystery surrounding the woman, who speaks with a strange accent and talks to animals with their own sounds, is heightened by her control of a large, menacing wolf. The tall, yellow-haired man who rides by her side is also held in awe, not only for the magnificent stallion he commands, but for his skill as an artificer of stone tools, and for the new weapon he devises that makes hunting less perilous. In the course of their cross-continental odyssey, Ayla and Jondalar encounter both savage enemies and brave friends. Together they learn that the vast and unkown world can be difficult and dangerous, but breathtakingly beautiful and enlightening as well.

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Length: 32 hrs and 21 mins
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